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HEAL National Implementation Centre moves to the University of Canberra

The HEAL Network is excited to announce that its National Implementation Centre has moved to the University of Canberra, where it has established a new primary affiliation with UC Health Research Institute with the intent of accelerating the scope and impact of environmental, and climate change and health research in Australia and across the world.

HEAL Innovation Fund 2023 Outcomes

The HEAL National Research Network is pleased to announce just over $250 000 of funding has been awarded to eight projects in the inaugural round of the HEAL Innovation Fund. This program has been established to assist the implementation of research priorities of the HEAL interdisciplinary themes to develop solution-focused ideas in human health and environmental change. We would like to congratulate the following HEAL Network members who have been awarded funding in 2023.

A/Prof Geoffrey Morgan, University of Sydney, The Impact of bushfires and other extreme weather events on long term NSW public hospital service and capacity planning. $ 50 000

Dr Nigel Goodman, Australian National University, Can portable air cleaners reduce exposure to volatile emissions from wood heater smoke? $49 961
A/Prof Fiona Charleson, University of Queensland, Using Systems mOdelling fOr menTal Health (SOOTHE) to identify more efficient and effective support measures for communities impacted by climate change-driven extreme weather events. $ 41 966
A/Prof Patricia Lee, Griffith University, Paving the way towards building resilience: co-designing an integrative climate-resilient and health-promoting aged care community. $36 663
Dr Penelope Jones, University of Tasmania, Let’s talk about smoke: co-designing effective behaviour change solutions to the winter wood smoke challenge. $19 775
Dr Manoj Bhatta, Menzies School of Health Research, Decarbonizing the remote Primary Health Care sector: A pilot study in Central Australia. $ 19 400
Dr Kayla Smurthwaite, Australian National University, Community Perceptions and Experiences of Residential Wood Heater Use in the Australian Capital Territory $19 794
Dr Luise Kazda, Australian National University, Respiratory Inhalers – Sustainably reducing the footprint of a health system carbon hotspot. $20 000

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    We acknowledge the HEAL (Healthy Environments And Lives) National Research Network, which receives funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council Special Initiative in Human Health and Environmental Change (Grant No. 2008937).
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