HEAL and CRE Stride Communique on the Voice Referendum

Amplifying Indigenous Voices across generations on Country: Stronger Together!

Soon Australians will have an opportunity to recognise the immense value of First Nations culture and history through a constitutionally enshrined ‘Voice’ to the federal parliament. CRE-STRIDE and the HEAL networks wholeheartedly support the Voice. It has come from years of discussion with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country. A Voice will provide a policy platform for communities who seek a fairer, self-determined future.
It’s time we celebrated the depth and richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges passed down through generations for over 65,000 years, based on respect and care for each other and other living entities within their traditional lands and seas.
A successful referendum vote will write a missing truth into the nation’s foundation document, that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are our First Peoples. A successful referendum vote will mean them having a seat at the table for the first time since momentum for federation began in the 1890s building on the best efforts and tireless advocacy of many trailblazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and Leaders. A successful referendum vote will amplify their valuable knowledges ensuring important voices will not be silenced. For planetary health and the wellbeing of future generations, it is now time for us to hear Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and importantly, to listen and learn.
We respect that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have differing views about the Voice. Together, the Indigenous and non-Indigenous leadership teams of CRE-STRIDE and the HEAL Network support a yes vote. The Voice will enable the sharing of community-led best practice solutions that will make a positive difference to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and ultimately to the wellbeing of the Australian Nation.
We encourage you to read and listen to the following resources, to then make your own informed decision as to how you will vote.
The Uluru Statement from the Heart
The Voice to Parliament explained (Article: The Conversation)
The Voice to Parliament debate fact checked (RMIT)
Why the Voice is a health issue (Podcast: The Health Report – Norman Swan & Fiona Stanley)
The Barunga Voice Declaration (Statement: Northern & Central Land Councils)
Justice, culture, and relationships: Australian Indigenous prescription for planetary health (Article: Science) Wellbeing support
6 ways to look after yourself and mob during the Voice referendum debate (Short animation: NSW Anti-Discrimination Commission)
First Nations mental health and wellbeing support (List of resources: Australian Department of Health)
Tips to stay deadly during the Voice to Parliament referendum (Tip sheet: WellMob)

HEAL Conference 14-16 November 2023

The HEAL Network is hosting its annual conference from 14-16 November 2023, building on the strong success of its first two conferences in 2021 and 2022. HEAL 2023, with the theme of ‘Collective Action for Health, Environment and Climate’, will provide a dynamic, inclusive and decentralised platform for diverse research, policy and practice communities within the Network to come together sharing knowledge, evidence and ideas.

Click here to register for the HEAL 2023 Conference.
Over three days, HEAL 2023 will deliver opportunities to discuss the leading health, climate and environmental challenges we face in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and internationally, as well as how the HEAL Network is contributing to solutions to these challenges through shaping innovative research to support Australia’s first National Health and Climate Strategy, and helping to implement new practices such as more sustainable healthcare and climate-resilient communities.
In line with HEAL’s core commitment to supporting and elevating Australian First Nations leadership, we will be showcasing examples of Indigenous research excellence and highlighting inspiring case studies from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who are on the frontlines of climate and environmental change.
The hybrid conference will be delivered online nationally and internationally, and in-person at eight regional nodes across Australia, providing multiple avenues for delegates to participate and connect with each other.

Abstract submissions for HEAL 2023 are now closed

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